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Secure and always available with built-in Anti-Spam

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Company emails are one of the most important services within a business. Client and supplier communication, business generation, staff communication, internal organisation, accounting – the list goes on. With such dependency, having a single point of failure (such as emails hosted on an onsite server) is too much of a risk for most businesses. The solution is to have a hosted email service in the cloud; one that is of Enterprise class and resilient enough to minimise the risk.

Swift Digital offers clients a hosted email service, a Exchange 2013 email system that gives all the functionality and efficiency of an internally hosted system, but with the added benefit of 99.999% availability and accessibility from anywhere in the world.

Hosted Email Service - always accessible

Our Exchange hosted email service platform resides on 3 UK-based Datacentres and offers total resilience and failover. Every single mailbox is replicated to 12 servers across the 3 datacentres located in London, Leeds and Manchester. And by being an Enterprise class solution, every server is capable of running the entire Exchange Infrastructure individually. In simple terms, it would mean that 10 servers and 2 data centres would have to fail before your email system becomes inaccessible!

Feature Packed with no restrictions or conditions from any device

In addition to having the Exchange 2013 functionality, our hosted email service is accessible across Windows, MAC, IOS, Android and web portals – and access is securely protected via SSL certificates. Mailboxes and archives are totally unrestricted, your mailbox can grow as much as your role demands without the worry of having to delete previous emails.

Every mailbox is protected with SpamExperts Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam – and this is included in the single monthly fee, per mailbox. If your mailboxes reduce, so does the price and we don't tie you in to any lengthy contracts. Our hosted email service is a strictly on a pay-as-you-go rolling monthly agreement.

Don't ever be worried about backups

Every mailbox on our Hosted Exchange platform is backed up nightly – and there are no limits or restrictions. Backups are stored for 14 years, therefore it is possible to recover your emails to any previous backup. We are equipped to restore a single email or your entire organisation's emails. Simply contact our Technical Support department for more information.

Price for Hosted Email


Our package gives a per mailbox, per month pricing plan for as many, or as few mailboxes, as you require including all distribution groups, email aliases and shared facilities.

This package would suit all types of business, from a sole trader to a Blue Chip organisation.

What's included?

  • Unlimited mailbox size
  • Unlimited email archive
  • 99.999% availability
  • Email aliases, distribution groups, calendars
  • Connectivity to all devices
  • Nighly backups stored for 14 years
  • Public folders
  • Storage replication to 3 UK Data Centres
  • No contract, pay as you go

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Do you know that we also design and build websites and applications?

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