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Top 10 Benefits of Hosted Cloud Services

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By Jackie N

6 th Mar 2015

Are you considering hosted cloud services for your business? Hosted cloud services offer many phenomenal benefits for organizations of all size and industry. Find out why with these top 10 benefits:

1. You can access your data from anywhere in the world. A cloud server is global; you can work from home, at the office or abroad, improving productivity and efficiency.

2. You can scale your technology resources upwards as you grow. Cloud server resources can be added to your account within seconds and don't involve expensive upgrades.

3. Your data is secured even if something happens to your office. A dedicated server could be damaged in event of fire or flood, but a cloud server will be safe.

4. You can use advanced technology for your solutions. Cloud servers give you the ability to take advantage of technology that would otherwise be prohibitively costly.

5. Your data will be backed up, secured and maintained by professionals. Never lose files again! Cloud hosting solutions make sure your data is all backed up and secured. Most of them even keep redundant copies so that you can roll them back as desired.

6. You won't be affected by local power loss or related issues. You can continue working regardless of any local issues, such as by having employees work from home.

7. You can temporarily use additional services as necessary. Cloud services have something called "elasticity" -- if you temporarily need additional resources; you can acquire them immediately and have them removed later.

8. You can acquire technology at a fraction of the cost. Cloud hosting services are usually fairly inexpensive, especially compared to dedicated server solutions.

9. You won't need an on-site IT expert to maintain your servers. Cloud hosting services are maintained by a professional on a remote basis. For a dedicated server, you would usually need to have an IT professional on staff and in the office at all times -- which can get very expensive.

10. You can train your staff to acclimate to it easily. Many technologies can seem very intimidating, but because cloud solutions are usually as simple as browsing the web, most employees can adjust to them within minutes.

These are not all the benefits of a hosted cloud server, just some of them. Hosted cloud solutions can be used for virtually anything a dedicated server or traditional hosted server can be - and much, much more.



Top 10 Benefits of Hosted Cloud Services
Top 10 Benefits
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