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Privacy Policy


Swift Digital Solutions takes privacy very seriously, we already have existing rules and guidelines in place to make sure our clients' personal data and information is safe and secure but as of 25th May 2018 the new GDPR regulations and Data protection acts were introduced.

The Privacy Policy statement gives a summary to how Swift Digital Solutions manages their customers' privacy and what steps are taken to ensure that client privacy remains safe.


The Scope of this document is to identify the ways which Swift Digital Solutions protects the privacy of its clients.


The purpose of this document is to make sure Swift Digital Solutions complies with the new Data protection laws and GDPR regulations.


At Swift Digital Solutions we use many different methods to protect our clients' details:

Passwords - At Swift Digital Solutions we have a Password Policy which is given out to our clients and their employees which need to be followed.

Encryption - all Swift Digital Solutions networks and managed networks have encryption so that external threats are eliminated.

Authorised Access – Only authorised employees at Swift Digital Solutions have access to the clients' details/information. If any of the client information/data that is held by Swift Digital Solutions is lost or deleted by accident then this is a data breach and Swift Digital Solutions Data Breach Policy comes into force where an investigation is conducted, recorded, with a solution in place within 72 hours (as per the Data Breach Policy).

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